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There are some remarkable exceptions, like the toddler who surprised Ann Curry on TODAY in 2008 when Curry pulled out a cue card with a word the child had never seen before. She successfully mouthed the word “kangaroo,”my baby can read products but experts say the vast majority of children cannot be taught to read until their brains are developed enough.Experts say, and I agree, that you are far better off spending time cuddling, singing to, playing and bonding with your children than drilling them or having them "watch" educational videos. Take it from me, or ask any parent with (too quickly) growing children:my baby can read products The time flies. Worry about the here and now, and skip the hype about "preparing" your children for what will happen in the tomorrows. Prepare them emotionally and trust this to carry them through. I promise it will.The ads boasted that the remarkable achievement was made possible by "Your Baby Can Read," a program which promised that with the use of flash cards, DVDs, pop-up books and some quality time between parent and child,your baby can read free almost any preschooler could learn to read before they even entered kindergarten.

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